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Paula♥16♥Spain♥Belieber♥Directioner♥Lovatic♥Jonatic♥Smiler♥5SOSFam♥ ♥Lilyan♥FUNatic♥Jepsie♥Mixer♥Nephilim♥Tribute♥Greysessed♥

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paulitasomebody preguntó: Hiii :) i'm Paula, i'm Spanish. I have a light brown looong hair and light brown eyes. i'm not too tall but not small too haha. i'm thin but i have curves. I love listening to music, watching movies and go concerts. My favourite bands are 1D, 5SOS, Green Day and Nirvana. Ship me please? <3


I ship you with Luke!

omg thanks so much babe :*

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zayniesbbgurlxx preguntó: Hi! Sorry I didn't post your imagine yesterday! I'm posting it after school today! So sorry! Xx

what happened with my imagine babe? :(